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Your Belgian search-engine for used, reconditoned & new parts for your car.

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By filling in just one form, your parts request is instantaneously sent to a selection of all known dismantlers and parts-dealers in Belgium, Holland and beyond (+ 800 contacts!).
This is a free service, for both dismantlers and clients. You get directly in contact, without obligation and/or interference of third parties.

All agreements on price, delivery, exchange and/or warranty are your own responsability and out of control of We cannot be held responsible for the actions of participating companies.
If there is a suspicion of fraud, stolen goods or whatever, just contact the Police.

Use the form to start your search. A few tips:

  • double-check your email-address, this is the primary source of contact
  • give a working phonenumber during office-hours as backup
  • and most important;
    give as much details as possible about the wanted part.
    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) contains crucial information for most brands.

All parts suppliers and specialists can sign up and participate.
Mail to eXpert@Auto-Moto.Link to register for free.
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In return our eternal gratitude, a notorious web link and all the demands first in your mailbox! is a (free) intiative from Erwin Obourdin

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Trained marketeer, dismantler-specialist by experience and Internaut as hobby.

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